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Landscaping Services

With J Bell Services. The premier landscaping company in the Dallas-Forth Worth area since 2008. Learn more about our various landscaping services for residential & commercial clients. 

Landscaping Services

Are you hoping to redesign the look of your land? Making your garden, patio, flower bed or front of the house look presentable will not only gain you some attention in the neighborhood but also make it feel like home. We dedicate our work to make your landscaping dreams reality and provide the efficient service that you expect. Our professional landscapers are licensed and insured, prepared with the knowledge they need to get the job done promptly. To learn more about our landscaping services in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area contact us today. 

Landscape Lighting & Outdoor Lighting Services

Landscape lighting it’s a home improvement that will add value to your home or business. Here are some benefits that you’ll get with Landscape lighting. #1- Curb appeal #2- Home Security #3-Durable Fixtures #4- Saving On Electricity Bills By Being LED Bulbs.

Landscape lighting it’s an add-on that every property needs. Bring your landscaping and architecture to live. Our fixtures are elegant and durable, we carry the traditional LED warm to Color Changing Bulbs.

Wheather you’re looking to light up the front of the house, backyard, trees or walkways, we can help. Give us a call for more details.

Drainage Solutions

At JBell Services we recognize that the majority of drainage problems are usually caused by an inadequate pitch or slope in your yard which prevents water runoff from being diverted away from the house. And the issue is often complicated by downspouts on the residence that do not pipe away from the rain gutter water from the property. The purpose of a drainage system is to remove water from unwanted areas, where it may cause damage, and relocate it to a suitable area. There are some signs and situations that can point to, or lead to, potential water damage as the result of poor drainage.

  • Standing water on property
  • Saturated soil
  • Downspouts discharging water at foundation
  • Water entering house/building
  • Water under house/building

So if you need a customized drainage solution for your yard in the DFW area contact JBell Services today! 

Sprinkler Repair Services

Sprinkler Repair it’s all about experience and knowledge. We’re capable and ready to help you with all your Sprinkler Repairs. These are the most common issues with lawn sprinklers commercial and residential. Sprinkler leaks, broken heads, broken wires, valves not opening or closing, controller not operating properly, rain sensor replacement and many others. We service all brands rainbird, hunter ratio, raindial, toro but it doesn’t matter what brand or problem you have we’ll fix it or you get a free service call.  We also offer spring activation, system tune up, additional stations, WiFi controller, foundation drip or new installations give us a call to book your appointment.

Synthetic Grass Installation

We have one of the widest selection of synthetic turf products available, and that makes us your one stop solution for all your artificial grass needs. We also carry all the necessary tools and turf accessories to help you make your outdoor landscape look seamlessly amazing.  You will have to try us to believe that we really can cater to synthetic grass needs of any landscape project!

Being one of the best in the industry, we  always provide our customers with the highest quality products and most competitive prices. Therefore, we can cater to any budget size without compromising on innovative solutions and quality.

Christmas Lighting

Why not let us turn your business into a Winter Wonderland? Or create a towering tree of lights? Or hang holiday banners on lamp posts? Or maybe you need a decorated chair for Santa?  We’ve got it! Or how about color-changing bulbs (a real eye-catcher) hung on the perimeter of your building or strung in trees?  We can do it all! Whatever your project might be, we want to be part of it. We have broad experience with commercial installations, which means we know how to install without disturbing your customers or employees.  We can work around different business hours and special situations.

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